One Hoengseong, Rising Hoengseong!

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Hoeseong is not just some remote place in Gangwon Province but it is located within the capital area.

Hoengseong is a place where the people and nature live harmoniously together.

Also, as with the famous Hoengseong Korean beef, Hoengseong deodeok and Anheung steamed bread, it is a place that makes all the products grown in Hoeseong the best products in Korea.

The heavenly nature and its warmhearted people makes Hoengseong a wonderful healing place for all the visitors.

Hoengseong's strategically advantageous location and economic conditions make Hoengseong a wonderful place for all businesses.

It has great history, culture and various festivals and sights to see and also offers best educational, social welfare, health and safety systems in the country.

Starting with the sixth popular election, Hoengseong will continue to rise and become a better city for its 100 thousand citizens. We will bring the new era of 'One Hoengseong, Rising Hoengseong' to its people!

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