Address Cardinal Points Latitude an Longitude Distance
Location Coordinates
15, Taegi-ro, Hoengseong-eup, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon Province Eastern end Sapgyo-ri, Dunnae-myeon 128°20'E 45.8 Km East-to-West
Western end Yuhyeon-ri, Seowon-myeon 128°20'E
Southern end Bugok-ri, Gangnim-myeon 37°32'N 43.7 Km South-to-North
Northern end Bongmyeong-ri, Cheongil-myeon 37°41'N

Hoengseong-gun or Heongseong County is located in an area called Yeongseo, a southwestern, inland region of Gangwon Province and at the center of the Korean Peninsula. The country is bordered by Pyeongchang-gun in the east, Yangpyeong-gun in the west, Wonju and Yeongwol-gun in the south and Hongcheon-gun in the north.

The country lies between latitudes 37˚ 32'S and 37˚ 41'N and longitudes 127˚ 46'W and 128˚ 20'E. The country’s eastern end is Sapgyo-ri, Dunnae-myeon, western end is Yuhyeon-ri, southern end is Bugo-ri, Gangnim-myeon and northern end is Bongmyeon-ri, Cheongil-myeon. Hoengseong-eup is 125.9㎞ away from Seoul, 62.9㎞ away from Chuncheon, 17.2㎞ away from Wonju and 110.3㎞ away from Gangneung, all reachable within 2 hours.