• Symbol Mark
    Symbol Mark
    • Cultural Element : The symbol mark embodies Hoengseong's clean nature which has preserved Hoengseong's valuable history and culture, Hoengseong's strong belief that capable people should lead the new 21st century and also an image of the new Hoengseong connected to the universe in the new era.
    • Colors : The green background represents clean and pure Hoengseong within an infinite universe and the red peony symbolizes adventurous and warmhearted people of Heongseong. The yellow human figure represents human-centered, bright and hopeful people of Hoengseong and the blue ring represents the new millenium we are about to embark on.
  • Mascot : Hanuri
    Mascot : Hanuri The quality of Korean beef produced in Hoengseong is the highest in the nation and Korea beef is a very important product that Hoengseong needs to market strategically. The 'thumps-up' gesture was incorporated to symbolize the no.1 quality of the Korean beef produced in Hoengseong. And the smiling face represents Hoengseong's bright and healthy future.
  • County Tree : Zelkova
    County Tree : Zelkova The zelkova is a major tree type found in Hoengseong and favored as a roadside tree or landscaping tree because the environment is suitable for its growth. Zelkovas are broad-leaved trees in the Dicotyledon, Uriticales order, elm family Ulmaceae and you can see a lot of old zelkovas in Hoengseong-gun. Zelkova is favored for roadside planting and landscaping since the environment is suitable for its growth.
  • County Flower : Peony
    County Flower : Peony
    • Name : Peony
    • Designation Date : June 1, 1986
    • Botanical Name : Paeonia Albiflora Pail
    • Flower Language : Simplicity
    Peony's flower language "simplicity" symbolizes the pure and warm hearts of Hoengseong people. The broad green leaves represent an abundant and wonderful place to live. The dazzling flower represents Hoengseong people's strong spirits and the bright future that is ahead of them. The broad petals represent the harmony and cooperation of trusting and loving Hoengseong people. And this prolific flower's energy represents the inner strength of Hoengseong people.
  • County Bird : Heron
    County Bird : Heron Herons have always been a symbol of integrity because they are white and clean. The habitat of herons and egrets in Apgok-ri, Seongwon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun was designated and is currently preserved as the Natural Monument No. 248. Herons arrive here around mid March every year, make nests, breed the young, and migrate to South China, their winter habitat, around mid October.