Category Overview (2015)
Address (1376-3) Seocho-dong, 2584 Nambusoonhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (137-704)
Phone no. 02)2155-6114
Symbols Tree : Zelkova Tree, Bird : Dove, Flower : Rose, Color : Green
Slogan Exciting Change, Happy and Green Seocho
Vision Open Mind, Clean Administration, Happy City Seocho
  • A safe, reliable city
  • A city with great future in education and health
  • A city with great living environment
  • A city with special culture and environment
General Information
  • Area : 47.00㎢
  • Population : 452,922 (Male : 218,571, Female : 234,351)
  • No. of Households : 173,086
  • Administrative Districts : 18 dongs, 532 tongs, 3,672 bans
  • Administrative Offices : 1,348 people (5 bureaus, 2 city managers, 32 divisions, 1 community health center, 1 planning group, 1 assembly, 18 dong)
Key Events Seocho Citizens’ Day (May 16), Friday Culture Concert (every week), Banpo Seorae Hanbul Culture Festival (June)
Key Facilities Seoul Arts Center, Yangjae Citizens' Forest, Korea Bonsai Museum, Museum of Korean Traditional Music, National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, National Library of Korea, Banpo Library, Electricity Museum, Mt. Wooyeon, Daesungsa Temple, Patriot Yun Bong-gil Memorial, Hunnung (tomb of King Taejong and his wife Queen Consort Wonkyung)․Innung (tomb of King Soonjo and his wife Queen Consort Soonwon)
Sister Cities in the Country Hoengseong-gun, Hwacheon-gun, Jaecheon-si, Nam-gu (Ulsan), Icheon-si, Haenam-gun, Cheongyang-gun, Taean-gun, Yesan-gun, Seocheon-gun, Sancheong-gun, Nonsan-si, Namwon-si, Wanju-gun, Gangneung-si, Goryeong-gun, Uljin-gun, Geochang-gun, Hwaseong-si, Pohang-si
Sister Cities Overseas Suginami (Tokyo, Japan), Yugo-Zapadny District (Moscow, Russia), Laoshan District, (Qingdao, China) · Hongkou District (Shanghai, China) · Qiqihar (Jianhua District, China) · Baishan City (Jilin Province, China), Manhattan borough, New York, USA · Irvine (California, USA, Posadas (Estado de Misiones, Argentina) · Saint Martin (Buenos Aires), Colonia Cuauhtémoc (Mexico City, Mexico), Perth (Australia), London Borough of Southwark (UK), Sisli District (Istanbul, Turkey), Langfang (Hebei Province, China), Dongcheng District (Beijing, China)