Category Overview(2014)
Address 99, Dongbangdaedo, Linhai, Zhejiang Province, China
Area 2,203㎢
Population 1,184,500
Administrative Districts 14 zhèn (towns), 5 jiēdào (sub-districts) jiēdào = eup, zhen = myeon
Administrative Offices 48 bureaus
No. of Public Officials 18,000(including the officials in the education and health sectors)
Schools 452 schools(305 pre-schools, 101 elementary schools, 36 middle schools, 7 high schools, 3 universities)
Regional Products
Key Events Old City Cultural Festival
Tourist Attractions Gwalchang Mountain, Hadouyang Culture Center, Woogyejinkunsapyoryu, Old Castle Scenic Area, Yutouxiang, Taozhu Scenic Area
Sister Cities in the Country Dongtai (Jiangsu Province), Jinchuan (Jinchang, Gansu Province)
Sister Cities Overseas Hoengseong-gun (Gangwon-do, Korea)