• Hoengseong Lake Road
  • Hoengseong Lake Road

Address : Hoengseong Lake, Daegwandae-ri, Gapcheon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

Hoengseong Lake Road goes through all four seasons, offering you special colors and feel of each season and giving you the opportunity to become one with the nature.

Located at Daegwandae-ri, Gapcheon-myeon, Hoengseong Lake Road is a 27km-long road that has 6 routes around the beautiful Hoengseong Lake and the marvelous mountains nearby.

Among those routes, the 5th route which starts at the 'Hill of Nostalgia' which was built to commemorate the five villages that had to be submerged with the construction of Hoengseong Dam is by far the best route. Before the official opening of the road, the members of the Walking Our Land. Corp first looked around the road and said that it is as mesmerizing as the Silk Road.

The route that extends along the clear blue Hoengseong Lake which will capture your mind is only 5km and it'll only take 2 hours. The route is perfect for a little family trip.

Open Times
open all year round, some routes can be closed during the forest fire prevention period and due to other circumstances.
How to get here
Hoengseong IC → Hoengseong direction → County Road No. 4 → Seomgang Recreational Resort → Hoengseong Provincial Road No. 441 → Gapcheon → Hoengseong Lake