• Uribyeol Observatory
  • Uribyeol Observatory

Address : 68, Sangchang 5-gil, Yeongseo-ro, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A beautiful astronomical observatory for experiencing the mysterious world of stars and space

A beautiful natural environment that has streams, forests and a corn field and a mysterious and marvelous journey into the galaxy with your family, friends and loved ones.........

Uribyeol Observatory is an astronomical observatory located at an altitude of 300m in Sangchangbong-ri, Gonggeun-myeon. There is no pollution, no city lights and you can see the Milky Way and all the jewel-like stars falling just above your head.

Uribyeol Observatory offers various astronomical and constellation programs. Starting with the indoor astronomy course, you get to experience the constellation of the four seasons through a virtual astronomical dome (project dome) and learn about all the star signs, planets, galaxies that are visible in each season. The Observatory also has overnight and 2-night programs and the participants get to have camp fires and seasonal delicacies.

The Observatory provides meals and lodging as well as a wonderful barbecue party.

Facility Info
Electric observatory dome (Sun & Stars)
Planetarium (constellation learning course)
Main telescope : 14" aperture (356㎜), focal length of 3560㎜, computerized fork mount
Equipped with a number of F/9 refractors, reflecting telescopes and binoculars
How to get here
HoengseongIC → Gonggeun (straight ahead for 10㎞ to Hongcheon direction) → Changbong-ri (Jang Song-mo Porcelain Research Center) → Sirubong Service Area → Uribyeol Observatory