• Jangsongmo Ceramics Research Institute
  • Jangsongmo Ceramics Research Institute

Address : 32, Changbol-gil, Gonggeun-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

Feel what it's like to be a porcelain master!
The true learning site for understanding and experiencing our porcelain culture.

Master Jang Song-mo who has extraordinary passion in porcelain and desire to preserve Gangwon Province's porcelain culture which flourished and advanced enormously since the Goryeo Dynasty period to late Joseon Dynasty period created this wonderful learning site to offer people an opportunity to learn and experience our porcelain. In Gangwon Province where porcelains are very scarce nowadays, there is a place that continues to maintain our ancestors' spirits and the traditions of Goryeo Celadon and Joseon White Porcelain.

Porcelain Master Jang Song-mo who was designated as the Intangible Cultural Asset No. 6 of Gangwon Province in May 1, 1989 opened Jang Song-mo Porcelain Research Center on an old school site in Changbong-ri. You can almost feel the laughter of playful children that used to run around the school from the big school playground and the plaster sculpture of a child reading a book that you can still see today. Master Jang transformed the school classrooms into exhibition rooms and workshops and every year, thousands of people from all around the country come to experience and learn porcelain.

The greatest thing about this place is that the visitors can actually turn the potters wheel, participate in the first firing process and make their own Goryeo Celadon and Joseon White Porcelain. The Center actually sends these potteries to the people's homes through parcel delivery and it's quite an amazing feeling when you get your finished work.

Get away from the cities that are so polluted and loud these days and try making your own porcelain imaging that you're a true porcelain master. It'll be a wonderful experience to feel the soft clay and feel our ancestors' wisdom and traditions.

If you pass the main lobby where the relics found in Gangwon Province are exhibited at, to your right, there is a porcelain museum. In this museum, along with the Bingyeol White Porcelains Master Jang has developed using his exquisite technique, there are potteries, celadons, Korean Buncheong Ceramics and white porcelains which have been recreated using valuable documents and data collected over many years visiting every corner of the country and searching through deserted and damaged kilns in search for the true origin and traditions of Korean porcelain. The rough yet beautifully simple earthenware, the splendid and delicate celadons and the pure, bright white porcelains all show the infinite depth of the art. Before looking around the museum, you can take an introductory course to learn about various porcelain methods and how to appreciate the art if you want to spend more meaningful time.

How to get here
HoengseongIC → Gonggeun (Hongcheon direction) → Changbong-ro (Jang Song-mo Porcelain Research Center)
Intercity Bus : Wonju → Hoengseong → get off at Gonggeun (Hongcheon and Chuncheon direction)
Intra-city Bus : Wonju → Hoengseong → get off at Changbong-ri, Gonggeun-myeon