• Dunnae Recreational Forestt
  • Dunnae Recreational Forestt

Address : 107, Cheongtaesan-ro 466bun-gil, Dunnae-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A recreational forest filled with fragrant fir trees in Mt. Cheongtae

Let's loosen up and immerse ourselves in nature. Dunnae Recreational Forest opened in 1994. At that time, it was really convenient to get here because the forest was approachable directly from Yeongdong Expressway. But now, to visit Dunnae Recreational Forest, you have to exit Dunnae toll gate, head towards Hyundai Seongwoo Resort through Dunnae downtown or a bypass, head straight passing a crossroad, keep going straight ahead about 10min and at some point, you'll see Dunnae Youth Hostel and Dunnae Recreational Forest by the expressway on your right.

As you enter the Recreational Forest, you'll see the forest office and Dunne Youth Hostel. By the Hostel, you'll see beautiful cabins and a valley nearby. In winter, the snow covered, think forest and cabins create a beautiful scene and in summer, you can spend a refreshing time by the valley and in the shade of trees. The streams in the valley are not too deep and they are perfect for children to play in. Also, Dunna Recreational Forest which covers an area of 56ha around Mt. Cheongtae, is filled with a variety of wild animals and beautiful conifers like Korean pines and you can experience the primitive feel of the forest.

The cabins made of lumber from California have very exotic feel to them and they can be perfect for families and couples that are wishing to spend romantic time. People who are looking to try new leisure activities can ride mountain bike and spend quality time at the campfire site and by the pure stream that flows down from Mt. Cheongtae. This place is also only an hour away from Woljeongsa Temple in Mt. Odae, Guryongsa Temple in Mt. Chiak, Bogwang Phoenix Park, Hyundai Seongwoo Resort, Gangneung Gyeongpodae Beach and all sorts of natural tourist sites that can be enjoyed all four seasons. You can also try Hoengseong's delicacies like Hoengseong deodeok, seasoned wild vegetables and grilled pork.

The place is only 2 hours away from Seoul and it's a perfect spot for those who just want to relax enjoying the fresh air in the nature. Dunnae Youth Hostel is located by the entrance of the forest and it's a popular youth recreational center.

Facility Info
snow slide, auditorium, charcoal grill, camping site, cabins
How to get here
Seoul → Singal IC → Yongin → Yangji → Deokpyeong → Icheon → Yeoju → Munmak → Wonju → Dunnae IC → Dunnae Recreational Forest