• Hoengseong Recreational Forest
  • Hoengseong Recreational Forest

Address : 113, Jeongpo-ro 430bun-gil, Gapcheon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A natural recreational forest that has the purest and cleanest mountains, water and air.

Jeogori Valley, a valley that lies deep in the mountains by the upstream Hoengseong Lake. This place is said to be a vacation spot for royals during the Silla period. It was given its name, Jeogori because it is said to be a spot where tigers ate humans and only left their Jeogori which is an upper garment of Korean traditional clothes. It might be a silly tale but this just shows how pure and unspoiled the nature around here is.

The mountains surrounding Hoengseong Recreational Forest give a cozy feel, as if you're in your mother's arms. The thick forest, fresh air, clean water, beautiful scenes and all the great things that nature can offer feel just right and perfectly balanced. The sound of small streams flowing here and there will also make you feel relaxed and have an therapeutic effect on your body and soul.

Rest as much as you want and try going on a little walk with your children. Let them stretch out their arms, breathe in all that fresh air and imagine them growing up to become someone as great as the nature that surrounds them.

Facility Info
25 forest cabins, auto camping site, rest area, trails
How to get here
Seoul → Yangpyeong → Yangpyeong → Yongdu-ri → Hoengseong → National Highway No. 6 (Dunnae, Jangpyeong direction) → Jeonggeum → turn right just before Podong Bridge → Hoengseong Recreational Forest (Jeogori Valley)
Seoul → Jungbu Expressway → Yeongdong Expressway → Saemal IC → Hoengseong direction (turn left) → Sanghaga-ri direction (turn right) → Yongdoon → Dunnae, Jangpyeong direction (turn right) → Jeonggeum → Gapcheon, Seoseok direction (turn left) → turn right just before Podong Bridge → Hoengseong Recreational Forest (Jeogori Valley)