• Mt. Taegi
  • Mt. Taegi

Address : Sindae-ri, Cheongil-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

The highest mountain in Hoengseong-gun.
The famous mountain where King Taegi, the last king of Jinhan Confederacy during the Samhan period, built fortress and fought his last battle.

[Mt. Taegi (1261m)] 'The ultimate beauty of snow created by abundant snow' 1,261m-high Mt. Taegi is the highest mountain in Hoengseong-gun and the view from this mountain is as marvelous as the mountain itself. The snow scene of the valleys in this mountain is especially beautiful and gives a real winter feel to the nature.

Mt. Taegi was given its name in honor of King Taegi, the last king of Jinhan Confederacy during the Samhan period, who is said to have built a fortress here and fought bravely against the Silla soldiers. And now, after over 2,000 years since then, the deep valleys of Mt. Taegi still have remains of fortress walls here and there and they have become silent companions for the hikers who come here. Also, various primitive species like bamboos, ash trees and yew trees can be seen and the scenery of Naksudae Fall and Simsan Valley creates a perfect harmony with the mountain. The mountain turns into a magical, snowy mountain during winter and you can enjoy that unique wintery feel.

If you start hiking from the entrance of Songdeoksa Temple located in Sindae-ri, Cheongil-myeon, pass the ridge and the bamboo trail, you'll see piles of stones and the Taegisanseongbi (Taegi Fortress Stele) that tells that this place is the old site where Taegi Fortress used to be at. Then, if you pass another bamboo trail and a thick fir grove, you'll see an open space and the top of Mt. Taegi.

Since the early days, the top of Mt. Taegi which is one of the "11 Scenic Views of Dunnae" was called 'Taegibaekwoon' which means 'a hundred clouds of Taegi' because of the mysteriously beautiful changes in the clouds and its great view. But currently, this place is a military zone so unfortunately, civilians cannot get to the top of the mountain. To come down, you have to follow the dirt trail and pass through a forest trail for about 40 minutes. Then, after passing by Naksudae Fall and Sangyangbawi (Rock), you'll finally see the entrance of Songdeoksa Temple.

Naksudae Fall is a wonderful waterfall and it will chase away the heat during summer and the autumn leaves will create a wholly different beauty during fall.

Hikinh Trail
11.7㎞ (4hr 20min)
entrance of Songdeoksa Temple (small shrine) → wooden steps → Taegi Fortress Stele → Dongmunbak Village → old school site → descend → fork in the valley → Naksudae Fall → Sanyangbawi Rock → Songdeoksa Temple
crossroad : Yangdugumijae 3.2㎞, 50min
How to get here
Hoengseong IC → Gapcheon (Provincial Road No. 19) → Sindae bus stop (County Road No. 4) → Songdeoksa Temple