• Mt. Dongchiak
  • Mt. Dongchiak

Address : Bugok-ri, Gangnim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A gentle, easily climbable mountain where you can see the beautiful Bugok Fall and Godunchi Valley.

[Mt. Dongchiak (Bugok District)] 'A place that welcomes us with its ancient scenery' Mt. Dongchiak located at Bugok District, Hoengseong-gun, has a relatively gentle ridge. It boasts a thick forest filled with beautiful old trees and deep, ever-clear valleys that create magnificent sceneries all four seasons. The exotic rocks that must have existed for thousands of years seem to express fidelity and unwavering spirits. Mt. Dongchiak is one of the closest national parks from Seoul. It is located on the border between Hoengseong-gun and Wonju. The mountain's peaks, higher than 1,000m, such as Birobong, Hyangnobong and Namdaebong are connected beautifully and create exotic sceneries every season.

The steep trail that leads to the main ridge and passes by Guryongsa Temple to Sadari Byeongchang (ladder cliff trail) is the most famous hiking route but if you want to avoid the crowds and go on an easier and more relaxed hike, you should take the route that starts at Godunchi Valley and hike up to Godeunjae Peak. This route is much less steeper than the west route and you can still enjoy the ancient scenery of Godunchi Valley and Bugok Fall. In the fall, the soaringly high cliffs, beautiful waterfall and the autumn leaves together create a splendid scenery. From Saemal I.C, you should pass through the Anheung Steamed Bread Village and Taejongdae and Bugok Fall in Gangnim-myeon until you see a bus stop in Bugok-ri. Then, keeping going for about 10 minutes until you see the office of Mt. Chiak. From here, you can follow the trail along Goduchi Valley to your left and in about an hour, you'll finally reach Godeunjae. Godeunjae is a place where you see people who have hiked up from Gukhyangsa Temple in Wonju and people heading towards Hyangnobong Peak and it is also the place where the actual hiking begins. Keep going up for about an hour and 50 minutes and you'll finally reach Birobong Peak and will have a great view of Hoengseong-gun, Wonju and even Pyeongchang-gun far away.

To climb down, you can either take the route that leads to Guryongsa Temple or the one that leads to Ipseokdae. Taejongdae is located at the bottom of Mt. Dongchiak and it is surrounded by a clean valley and a thick forest. The place has a story about the loyalty of a man who couldn't serve two kings. Also, there is the place where Woongok, a famous scholar during the Goryeo Dynasty period, is said to have stayed at, the famous pond, Nogoso and many other spots with wonderful history and tales that attract visitors from all over the country.

Hiking Routes
Bugok → Godunchi Valley → Godeunchi → Birobong Peak → Saeryeom Fall → Guryongsa Temple (15.8㎞, 6hr 50min)
Bugok → Godunchi Valley → Hyangnobong Peak → Gukhyangsa Temple (8㎞, 4hr)
Bugok → Godunchi Valley → Birobong Peak → Ipseoksa Temple → Hwanggol ( 14.5㎞, 6hr 30min)
How to get here
Saemal IC → Anheung (National Highway No. 42) → Gangnim(Provincial Road No. 411) → Taejongdae → Bugok School