• Mt. Balgyo
  • Mt. Balgyo

Address : Bongmyeong-ri, Cheongil-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A pure, unspoiled mountain that has the marvelous Bongmyeong Fall which gives you the most refreshing feeling

[Mt. Balgyo (998m)] 'An unspoiled mountain that preserves the nature as it is' Bongmyeong Fall in Mt. Balgyo is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hoengseong-gun. It's a relatively big fall but it is not mentioned in the old records of Hoengseong-gun nor it is known to many people.

If you follow the National Highway No. 19 from Hoengseong-eup towards Cheongil-myeon for about 30 minutes, you'll get to the entrance of Choondang Elementary School. Then, take the Town Road No. 108, go straight about 1.3㎞ and you'll see the entrance (Bongmyeong Mushoom Farm) of Sasilhyang Village in Bongmyeong-ri. For a proper hike, its best to park your car here. Then, from here, about 3.3㎞ away, there is the entrance (Bongmyeong Livestock Artificial Insemination Center) of Jeolgol Valley.

If you just want to see Bongmyeong Fall, you can park your car here and either follow the trail by the valley or follow the trail around the blue-roofed pen. If you follow the road on the right side of the pen, you'll reach a stone wall. You can keep going this way or follow the mountain trail but the valley trail is a bit nicer. After about 40 minutes, Bongmyeong Fall will start to appear. After enjoying the magnificent Bongmyeong Fall with the water falling down over an exotic cliff, if you go up the trail on the right side of the waterfall for about an hour and 15 minutes, you'll reach the top of the mountain. If you just want to see the waterfall and come down, you can descend following the ridge on the right side of the waterfall. From Mt. Balgyo, you can see Suri Peak (959.6m) to the northeast and Mt. Byeongmu (932.7m) to the southwest.

To get down from the top, you have to go over a peak. After passing the 830m mark and coming down a steep trail, you'll see Myeongnichi Hill and after coming down the trail on the left side of the Hill for about 15 minutes, you'll start to see a village. Now, it's about 3.2㎞ from here to Sasilhyang, the starting point of your hike. Also, from Mt. Balgyo, you can go over the Manggogae Hill, reach the top of Mt. Byeongmu, follow the south ridge until you reach Gokseokjae, pass Sasilhyang and come down through the food street.

Hiking Trail
9.38㎞ (4hr 10min)
Jeolgol Valley → Bongmyeong Fall → fork on Suri Peak → Peak of Mt. Balgyo → Ssangoji Hill → Myeongnichi Hill → dirt road (private residence) → Saseulmok (stone wall event site)
Descending from Suri Peak (fork on Suri Peak – top of Mt. Balgyo) 2.2㎞, 50min
How to get here
Hoengseong IC → Gapcheon (Provincial Road No. 19) → Cheongil → Choondang Elementary School (Town Road No. 108) → Jeolgol Valley