• Mt. Unmu
  • Mt. Unmu

Address : Soksil-ri, Cheongil-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A beautiful mountain that boasts magnificent peaks and a perfect harmony of old pines and rocky ridge

[Mt. Unmu (980m)] 'A perfect harmony of old pines and rocky ridge' Mt. Unmu which stands in Cheongil-myeon, is relatively a small mountain but the soaringly sharp, rocky peaks and the harmony of old pines and rocky ridge of this mountain are simply breathtaking. The mountain has very steep slopes and is less developed so it's not an easy hike but many mountain and outdoor-lovers from all across the country come to feel the real energy of this mountain. The name 'Unmu' which means 'cloud and mist', was given because the mountain is always misty. It's not a very famous mountain but true mountaineers know the beauty of this mountain and the rocky peaks and old pines that make this mountain very special. Recently, people tired of seeing excessively developed mountains are starting to come to Mt. Unmu increasingly more and the mountain is becoming more and more famous everyday.

To get to Mt. Unmu, first you have to come to Soksil-ri, Cheongil-myeon, pass by a crossroad called 'Jumakgeori' and go into a valley. From the crossroad to the valley is about 4㎞. You can park your car in an open area by the valley and the hike begins as you go up the trail on the left side of the valley. Keep going up the valley and you'll see a rocky ridge far away through the pine grove to your left.

If you're almost at the end of the pine grove, you have to turn left and climb up a steep slope. Keep going and you'll see that you're on the 582m-altitude mark. Now, you have to turn left again and follow the ridge. You will then reach a rocky peak (858m) that has the perfect view of Mt. Bongbok and Mt. Deokgo far away. After climbing over this peak, you will see a rocky ridge (960) and over that is the top of Mt. Unmu.

To get down, you have to pass the helipad and take the ridge on the right of the 850m mark. If you take the other trail by mistake, you will see marvelous rocks and cliffs but the trail will be much more difficult to climb down. As you climb down, looking over the beautiful view to your right, you will soon reach Mundeuraejae Fork. At this fork, you should take the left route until you see the entrance of Naechon Village. If you keeping going straight, you will be going into Hongcheon-gun. The descend that ends at Naechon Village includes a slightly unclear trail but it will only take about 30 minutes for your to reach the end and a Buddhist temple called Neunghyeonsa. The mountain trails are made by men and men's footsteps. The trails of Mt. Unmu may not yet be complete and difficult to climb but that's the best part of hiking an unpolluted mountain.

Hiking Route
6.4㎞ (3hr 30min)
an open space above a spring in Mt. Odae → ridge → Songam (rock) → peak → helipad → 860m altitude → Mundeuraejae Fork → Neunghyeonsa Temple → Naechon Village
Naechon Village : open space 3.7㎞, 60min
How to get here
Hoengseong IC → Cheongil (Provincial Road No. 19) → Jumakgeori (food stree) → Mt. Odae Saemmubl (Spring) → open space by a valley