• Mt. Eodab
  • Mt. Eodab

Address : Gapcheon-myeon crossroad, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

A mountain King Taegi once visited.
A beautiful mountain with a great panoramic view of a reservoir and Hoengseong Lake.

[Mt. Eodab (789m)] Mt. Eodab or Eodabsan which means 'mountain that only allowed the king's visit' or the 'mountain that king himself visited' got its name because Park Hyeokgeose, the founding monarch of Silla, visited this mountain while he was chasing King Taegi of Taegi Mountain. Mt. Eodab which contains the unspoiled nature in its original form, stands proudly on the northeast side of Samgeori Reservoir of Gapcheon-myeon. If you follow the County Road No. 4 towards Hoengseong Dam and pass by the Samgeori Reservoir, you'll soon see Hoengseong Hot Spring.

Then, if you pass through a village, you'll see a valley and the actual hiking starts as you hike up the trail on the right side of the valley. After hiking about 30 minutes, you'll reach a ridge and as you go up the ridge for about 25 minutes, there will be a pretty little spring, although it's not appropriate for drinking. After taking a little break, if you go up a little higher, you'll soon reach the top. The endless sky will stretch out above your head and you'll have a breathtaking panoramic view of a reservoir and Hoengseong Lake far away.

There are two ways to come down the mountain. The one that starts from Bidookjae and ends at Dongmak and the one that passes by Seonbawi (Rock) and a hot spring. As you keep heading straight from the peak, you'll see a beautiful, 300-year-old pine tree and two enormous rocks together called Seonbawi. After passing by the rock, as you come down a narrow path, you'll see Hoengseong Hot Spring. It'll be a great experience to relax your body in this biocarbonate hot spring.

Also, near Mt. Eodab, by Byeongjibang Valley, visitors can enjoy the raw beauty of nature in the summer or try smelt fishing at Samgeori Reservoir in the winter. Byeongjibang Valley is located at a beautiful traditional farm village called Byeongjibang Village and visitors from cities can really immerse themselves in warm, natural countryside environment.

Hiking Trail
5.83㎞ (2hr 40min)
hot spring → crossroad – hiking starting point (grave) → ridge (rest area) → medicinal spring → peak → old pine tree → Seonbawi Rock → Hoengseong Hot Spring
How to get here
Hoengseong IC → Hoengseong Dam (Provincial Road No. 19)→Byeongjibang Valley → Samgeori Reservoir → Hoengseong Hot Spring (approx. 20min, 16㎞)