Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival

The meeting of nature and well-being.

If you come to Hoengseong, you become a man of nature. And welcome to Hoengseong, the home of Korean beef.

Hoengseong Korea Beef Festival is the largest festival in Hoengseong. The festival was originally, 'Hoengseong Taepoong Cultural Festival' and it was held to wish for a national peace and good harvest but in 2004, it changed to the current name and became a new festival with a whole different theme.

Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival promotes the superior quality of Korean beef produced in Hoengseong and also Hoengseong as the true home of Korean beef. The festival is currently developed as the representative festival of Hoengseong and it offers various events under the theme of Hoengseong Korean Beef. Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival which offers us the opportunity to try delicious Korean beef and experience agricultural programs which can't be seen in the cities, aims to promote the true brand value of Hoengseong Korean Beef and to improve the local economy and the image of Hoengseong.

Hoengseong Korea Beef Festival is a participatory festival where you can try various exciting cultural programs as well as all the local delicacies such as Hoengseong deodeok and Anheung steamed bread.

  • Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival
  • Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival
  • Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival
  • Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival
Festival Overview
Festival Period : mid-October
Location : Seongang riverside, Hoengseong-eup
Hosted by : Hoengseong County
Organized by : Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival Promotion Committee
Sponsored by : Gangwon Province, Korea Tourism Organization, various public organizations and associations within the jurisdiction.