Anheung Steamed Bread Festival

Mother's homemade flavors and good old traditions.

Anheung Steamed Bread Festival. A festival that became famous nationwide by offering people the true flavors and experience that make them yearn for their home.

This wonderful festival that became famous nationwide by bringing out the heartwarming feeling of yearning for home in people, sheds new light on the true value and flavors of Angheung steamed bread.

The festival aims to increase people's awareness of the brand value in Anheung Steamed Bread and lets the customers know what the product offers. It was originally held to develop cultural features and the capacities of people in the communities, create new cultural values and to raise people's pride in their home first in 1999, for the second time in 2003 and third in 2004.

  • Anheung Steamed Bread Festival
  • Anheung Steamed Bread Festival
  • Anheung Steamed Bread Festival
  • Anheung Steamed Bread Festival
Festival Overview
Festival Period : October 2 ~ 4
Location : Anheung-myeon Steamed Bread Village
Hosted/Organized by : Anheung Steamed Bread Festival Committee
Sponsored by : Hoengseong-gun, Anheung-myeon, various public organizations and associations within the jurisdiction., Anheung Steamed Bread Village Committee
Contact : Anheung Steamed Bread Festival Committee 033)340-2703/2603
Main Events
Anheung Steamed Bread Experience, traditiona culture experience, singing contest, ‘Find the Golden Steamed Bread!', Anheung Steamed Bread Photo Contest
Other Events
Jucheon River Experience, Cosmos Flower Trail Experience, exhibitions, hands-on booths, dance competition
How to get here
By Car : Seoul → Yeongdong Expressway, Saemal IC (1hr 30min) → Anheung·Gangnim direction (30min) Jungang Expressway, Hoengseong IC → Hoengseong-eup → Anheung·Gangnim direction (20min)
By Bus : Seoul Sangbong Intercity Bus Terminal → Hoengseong Intercity Bus Termina (2hr) → at the bus stop in front of Chukhyup (Hoengseong Livestock Industry Cooperatives), take bus no. 2 heading to Anheung·Gangnim (40min), Wonju Express Bus Terminal → Intra-city Bus Terminal (50min) → Hoengseong Chukhyup (Livestock Industry Cooperatives)