Deodeok Festival

Hoengseong deodeok grown in water-rich and organic matter-rich soils in Cheongil!

Farmers in Hoengseong works very hard to grow the most aromatic, crunchy deodeok that are as good as wild mountain deodeok. These delicious deodeok produced in Hoengseong has by far the best quality in the country. They have high levels of Saponins and Inulins which have been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on lungs and liver.

In 2012, the 1st Hoengseong Deodeok Festival was held to promote the superior quality of deodeok roots produced in Hoengseong and clean nature of Cheongil and the festival has now become the most representative festival of Hoengseong.

There is a saying that an old deodeok is better than ginseng.

Clean, blue Cheongil!

Visit the Hoengseong Deodeok Festival and experience the true aroma and flavor of Hoengseong deodeok!

  • Deodeok Festival
  • Deodeok Festival
  • Deodeok Festival
  • Deodeok Festival
Festival Overview
Festival Period : the weekend two weeks before Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day, August 15th in the lunar calendar) (The 3rd Hoengseong Deodeok Festival: 8.22~24)
Location : Nonggeori Festival Site, Yudong 3-ri, Cheongil-myeon (1150, Yudong-ri)
Organized/Hosted by : Hoengseong Deodeok Festival Promotion Committee
Sponsored by : Hoengseong-gun, Cheongil-myeon, K-Water Hoengseong Branch
Main Events
Deodeook digging experience, Deodeok peeling contest, Deodeok cooking contest
Other Events
Cosmos Walkathon
How to get here
By Car : Seoul-Yeongdong Expressway → Namwonju → Jungang Expressway toward Chuncheon → Hoengseong IC → National Highway No. 19 towards Seoseok → Cheongil (25min)
By Bus : Seoul Sangbong Intercity Bus Terminal → Hoengseong Intercity Bus Terminal (2hr) → at the bus stop in front of Chukhyup (Hoengseong Livestock Industry Cooperatives), take bus no. 2 heading to Gapcheon·Cheongil
Hoengseong Deodeok Festival Committee (Phone no. 340-2606, Fax no. 340-2616)