• Three-Story Stone Pagoda in Junggeumri
  • Three-Story Stone Pagoda in Junggeumri

Address : 512, Joonggeum-ri, Gapcheon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

The three-story stone pagodas in Joongeum-ri were originally located at the temple site called 'Topdoonji' located 2.2km west from the place now but due to the construction of Hoengseong Dam, the temple was about to be submerged so the pagodas had to be moved to here in 1998. The slabstones of the upper platform and some of the foundation stones were lost so they were newly added and on the new slabstones, Palbushinjoong (Eight supernatural guardians of the Buddha-dharma: Deva, Nega, Yaksa, Asura, Garuda, Candharva, Kimnara, and Mahoraga) was carved in.

The pagoda's lower platform has corner columns and a support column in between the corner columns.

The body section only has corer columns but no other patterns engraved on it. The roof stone support has 5 layers and the upper roof stone has a Buddhist statue engraved on it.

In Gangwon Province, the only twin pagdoas other than the twin pagodas here, are in Sanwon Temple in Mt. Chiak, Wonju City. Also, the pagodas that have the Palbushinjoong pattern are the Three-Story Stone Pagoda in Jinjunsa Temple site (National Treasure No. 122), Yangyang and the Three-Story Stone Pagoda in Sunnimwonji temple site (Treasure No. 444). This one in Joonggeum-ri is a pagoda that really shows the real stone pagoda style of the Silla Dynasty period and looking at the Palbushinjoong pattern and the style of the platform and the roof stone, it is presumed to have been built in the 9th century.