• Pungsuwon Catholic Church
  • Pungsuwon Catholic Church

Address : 30, Yuheon 1-gil, Gyeonggang-ro, Seowon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

Poongsuwon Catholic Church was first established by the people who migrated here because of the religious persecution against Catholic Christians during the 19th century in Korea. The Church is the 4th Catholic church built in Korea and it is the first Catholic church to be built by a Korean priest. Poongsuwon Catholic Church managed 29 community churches in 12 counties including Chuncheon, Wonju, Hwacheon, Yanggu, Hongcheon, Hoengseong, Pyeongchang and Yangpyeong and it established a parish church in Hongcheon in 1948, Chuncheon in 1920, Hongcheon in 1948. Poongsuwon Catholic Church currently located at Yuhyeon-ri, Seowon-myeon, was designated as the Tangible Cultural Asset No. 69 of Gangwon Province in 1982.

A group of people created a Catholic community and carried out their religious activities until Father Louis Le Merre (Korean name: Lee Yu-sa) came from the Paris Foreign Missions Society in 1888 and at that time, there were 2,000 settlers. Succeeding Le Merre in 1896, Father Jeong Gyu-ha, along with Chinese engineers, began to build Pungsuwon Cathedral in 1905, finished the construction in 1907 and had celebrated the construction of the church in 1909. The church lies on a gentle hill facing the southwest. The church lies on a gentle hill facing the southwest. The ceiling and arcades divide the inside into three sections. It has a main hall, a circular window on the 2nd level, double, arch windows on the 3rd level.

Poongsuwon Catholic Church has held the Eucharistic Congress since 1920.

Facility Info
youth camp site, Geumdae Life School (weekend farm), museum
How to get here
Hoengseong IC → National Highway No. 6 towards Seoul → Poongsuwon Catholic Church
Seoul National Highway No. 6 → Yangpyeong → Poongsuwon Catholic Church