Hoengseong Korean Beef

The optimal environment for cattle farming!

Hoengseong-gun Altitude Range : 100~580m
Huge daily temperature range and Seomgang's clean water, And the pure, natural environment are perfection conditions for cattle farming.

With Mt. Chiak (1,288m) in the east, Mt. Baegoon (1,087m) in the south and Namhan River and Seomgang River flowing in the northwest, Hoengseong has a typical, inland climate. It is located at the center of the Korean Peninsula and has a large daily temperature range with the lowest average temperature at -12.6℃, highest average temperature at 32℃ and annual average temperature at 11℃.

There are reasons why Hoengseong is referred to as the home of Korean beef.
Large daily temperature range. (creates unique flavor of Hoengseong Korean beef). Large altitude range (100m~1,200m). Abundant pasturage and wild mountain grass and easily available chaff. Pollution-free air and water and special fee only for Hoengseong Korean cattle.

The quality of Hoengseong Korean Beef comes from on science!
The country's very first beef traceability system was applied to Hoengseong's Korean native cattle and consumers can check and trace the meat and relevant information through various stages of production, slaughtering, manufacturing, processing, sales and consumption.