Hoengseong Deodeok

Water and organic matter-rich Hoengseong Deodeok is the healthiest food with great aroma and crispy texture.

Farmers in Hoengseong works very hard to grow the most aromatic, crunchy deodeok that are as good as wild mountain deodeok. These delicious deodeok produced in Hoengseong has by far the best quality in the country. Deodeok are highly influenced by the environment they grow in. Currently Hoengseong deodeok are mostly produced in a clean, natural environment of Mt. Taegi which is famous for its wild deodeok.

The medicinal effect, flavor and aroma of Deodeok will vary widely depending on where the crop is grown. Hoengseong has always been famous for its wild deodeok. Hoengseong's soils are especially rich in organic matter and the climate is perfect for deodeok cultivation. Also, with a lot of research and technological development going on, Hoengseong was given the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the Korea Forest Service.

Hoengseong deodeok are soft and crispy at the same time. They have a very strong aroma and high levels of Saponins and Inulins which have been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on lungs and liver.

There is a saying that an old deodeok is better than ginseng.
Hoengseong produced more than 26% of the country's deodeok and it is also the country's largest deodeok trading region. Every October, various deodeok-related festivals like Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival and Ms. Deodeok Contest are held and Hoengseong is very devoted to keeping the quality and traditions of its deodeok.

Deodeok was called sasam (mountain ginseng), and was one of the five "sam" roots noted for their uses in traditional folk remedies: insam (ginseng), hyeonsam ( figwort), dansam (red sage) and gosam (sophora).