Anheung Steamed Bread

The sweet flavor and chewy texture you will never get tired of Anheung steamed bread

The flavor of 30 years of tradition

Before there was Yeongdong Expressway, Anheung was the midpoint between Seoul and Gangneung. Travelers often stopped at Anheung and had sweet and chewy steamed bread to fill their stomach and lighten up their journey. And increasingly more people started to take notice of the great taste of Anheung steamed bread and it soon became a sensation across the country.

Anheung steamed bread stays chewy and delicious even if you steam it again and the sweetness is so gentle that you just don't get tired of it. It's not a fancy flavor but the simple yet deep flavor of Anheung steamed bread is something ony time and long tradtion can create.

Anheung Steamed Bread Village is a tiny little countryside village but it's a place that should not be forgotten and the steamed bread alone make this place worth visiting.

Anheung Steamed Bread Stores

Anheung Steamed Bread Stores
Name Phone no.(033) Name Phone no.(033)
Myeonsamuso-ap Anheung Jjimbbang 342-4570 Yetnal Anheung Jjimbbang 342-4046
Minsok Anheung Jjimbbang 344-0082 Yetmal Geudaero Anheung Jjimbbang 342-4202
Bakhalmuni Anheung Jjimbbang 342-5566 Wonjo Anheung Jjimbbang 344-5800
Bonga Anheung Jjimbbang 344-2045 Yumyunghan Anheung Jjimbbang 344-0004
Sijo Anheung Jjimbbang 344-9711 Lee Ok-lae Anheung Jjimbbang 342-6817
Sim Soon-nyeo Anheung Jjimbbang 341-4461~2 Choi Pil-nyeo Anheung Jjimbbang 344-3636
Anheung Sigol Jjimbbang 342-4078 Tosok Anheung Jjimbbang 342-8963
Halmae Anheung Jjimbbang 342-0245 Halmuni Anheung Jjimbbang 342-4446
Hapja Anheung Jjimbbang 342-8100 Gohyangui Mat, Jungsunggadeukhan Anheung Jjimbbang