In order to establish a safe and reliable environment that allows the consumers to purchase quality-certified Hoengseong Korean beef and to regain consumers’ trust through an efficient Hoengseong Korean Beef distribution system, certified National Livestock Cooperative Federation and National Agricultural Cooperative Federation-affiliated Hoengseong Korean beef distributors have been designated under Article 21 of the「Ordinance on Protection and Promotion of Hoengseong Korean Beef of Hoengseong-gun」.

Certified Hoengseong Korean Beef Stores

Certified Hoengseong Korean Beef Stores
Name of Organization Designated no. Stores Type of Business Note
Name of Store Location of Store Phone no. Sales Restaurant
Hoengseong Chukhyup 1 Hoengseong Chukhyup Hanaro Mart 337, Hoengseong-ro, Hoengseong-eup 340-6050
2 Hoengseong Chukhyup Hanwoo Plaza 6, Woohyang 3-gil, Ucheon-myeon 343-9908
3 Saemal Service Area Meat Shop 8, Hanurowoohang 9-gil, Ucheon-myeon 342-6680
4 Hoengseong Chukhyup Dunnae Hanaro Mart 4529, Gyeonggang-ro, Dunnae-myeon 345-8888
Hoengseong Nonghyup 5 Hoengseong Nonghyup Hanaro Mart 46, Munjeong-ro, Hoengseong-eup 344-2914 ×
Dongheongseong (East Hoengseong) Nonghyup 6 Dongheongseong Nonghyup Meat Shop 356, Sunam-ro, Ucheon-myeon 345-9008
7 Donghoengseong Nonghyup Cheongil Meat Shop 7, Yudong-ro, Cheongil-myeon 342-5635 ×
13 Donghoengseong Nonghyup Gapcheon Meat Shop 265, Cheongjeong-ro, Gapcheon-myeon 342-9133 ×
Anheung Nonghyup 8 Anheung Nonghyup Meat Shop 35, Anheung-ro, Anheung-myeon 342-4098 ×
9 Anheung Nonghyup Gangnim Hanaro Mart 15, Gangnimsijang-gil, Ganggnim-myeon 342-7073 ×
10 Anheung Nonghyup Sosa Meat Outlet 153, Yeongdong Expressway, Anheung-myeon 342-4977 ×
Dunnae Nonghyup 11 Nonghyup Hanaro Mart 77, Dunnae-ro, Dunnae-myeon 343-8128 ×
Gonggeun Nonghyup 12 Gonggeun Nonghyup Meat Shop 1, Hakdamsijang-gil, Gonggeun-myeon 342-8654 ×